Graduate teacher tips series 1: getting work

Article reblogged with permission from Classroom Chit Chat

2017! It’s here! This can be a very anxious time for graduate teachers. Some have been given permanent positions, some have been given contracts and some have not been offered anything at all. This was me when I graduated. I was heartbroken. However, I had my cry and then got straight into getting my name out there! Within a year I had gone from having no work to having done relief work, short contracts, long contracts with my own class and then was lucky enough to be offered a permanent position. If you haven’t been given a class yet – don’t give up! I wasn’t given a position straight out of University either and had to work very hard to secure a contract 🙂

Here are some tips:

Do up a clear, professional CV that has been proofed by as many eyes as you can get. Poor grammar and spelling does not make for a great first impression. Include some of your hobbies or interests, as they may be a part of the school community that you aren’t aware of.Call schools before students go back. Staff will be there the week before students return. Make some phone calls to local schools and ask to speak to whoever is in charge of employment. Don’t forget to mention your name! After you’ve made some calls, dress professionally and physically go to your local schools and hand in a hard copy of your CV. Mention your name again (hopefully they remember from your phone call). It’s scary and will push you out of your comfort zone but it shows initiative and puts a face and name out there.

Please visit Classroom Chit Chat for the other tips to getting your career started!

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