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What I have learnt that will help me be a better teacher of writing – or indeed, anything?

  1. habits and routines are not easy – even when motivated – so create them in class
  2. make sure each student can start at their own level and has the toolkit needed (including a growth mindset)
  3. there are no mistakes only opportunities to learn and make it better next time
  4. competition and comparison with others stunts learning for many
  5. being able to spin a good anecdote about your own learning can help make sense of the world for students

Educators who wish to understand why students learn or fail to learn have their own experiences of teaching students but understanding our own learning selves is important if we are to make theory from books, teacher professional learning sessions and pre-teaching courses real in our daily practice.

Read Darcy’s full learning experience wile teaching himself to draw at Darcy Moore

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