What do I tell my daughters?


This will be somewhat of a departure from my usual educational musings but I must express my deep concerns about recent developments that are making it difficult to look my daughters in the eye. I need to live in a world were I can tell my daughters that they can achieve whatever they desire, that a man’s poor behaviour will be met with equally substantial consequences and that they can expect this because men and women are equal. I need this because I see in my two ever growing daughters gifts that can powerfully impact the worlds they choose for themselves in an overwhelmingly positive manner. What a travesty it would be if these simple truths weren’t true at all.

We watch from afar the growing fan fare about Donald Trump’s inauguration and in the midst of this historic moment there continue to be accusations about Mr Trump’s sexualisation of the women he has encountered in his life. He is unashamed about his admiration for women and in some ways this could be seen as a positive but it quickly stops there. The lewd and demeaning commentary that spews out of his mouth is concerning. The greater concern, however is that whilst these accusations hang over his head he continues to forge forward as the next leader of his country. How is this possible?

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