Preparing for NAPLAN

Preparing for NAPLAN can look very different from school to school for a number of reasons. Some schools take the teach to the test approach and others don’t. There is a big focus on NAPLAN through the media and this puts vast amount of pressure on the government, schools, principals, teachers, parents and ultimately the children taking these tests. I have put together some ideas, strategies and resources to help teachers prepare their students for those somewhat dreaded 3 days.

Hi all! I am back on the Australian Teachers blog this time to help, hopefully, you in preparing your class for the upcoming NAPLAN tests. Although the following post has strategies and ideas used in Year 3 and 5 some would also benefit those students in year 7 and 9. I am definitely not an expert in the upper grades. I have spent time in year 3, 5 and 7 classrooms during NAPLAN prep and while the tests are being taken at four different schools. (Some were on prac) I have accumulated and seen things done in a number of ways and have seen kids on both end of the stress scale.

Continue to read the extensive tips on Australian Teachers Blog.

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