Books to Inspire Coding & Robotics


I have been running a Coding and Robotics Club at school for a couple of years now. I started with coding and last year picked up a large number of NXT Mindstorm robots so it felt right to combine the two! Megan and I have spoken about this new 21st century language called coding in previous posts here and here. We spent the first semester including coding into our library program which can be read here.

We use both fiction and non-fiction to inspire our girls in Library lessons. These ideas and skills can then be transferred into the Makerspace Zone and into Coding and Robotics Club. In this post I thought I’d share some of the books we use and have available for our girls to borrow. By sharing the books and stories during library lessons and having them on display promotes interest in programming and learning to code so creations can happen!

Wow! Get the full list and reviews on Tinkering Child.

In March we are looking for a weekly contribution on recent professional development courses (completed/facilitated in the last 3 months). You can write about online learning, accredited learning packages or other avenues of professional learning that you use to maintain accreditation.

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