Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education


  • Aboriginal Englishes, the importance that Aboriginal English has to Indigenous primary school students’ education, culture and identity (last post 7/2016).
  • @AboriginalOz Blog, TBC (this blog is retired).
  • Dr Anita Heiss, author, poet, satirist, social commentator. New!
  • Dr Chris Sarra, changing the tide of low expectations in Indigenous Education.
  • @IndigenousX,we pride ourselves on an ethic of respect for Indigenous knowledge, successfully providing an autonomous news service.
  • missshipp, bringing Aboriginal perspectives into English education (last post 6/2016).
  • Nyumba Learning, a personal collection of ideas & thoughts on life, Aboriginal education, and spirituality (last post 2014).
  • The Critical Classroom, Indigenous Education resources (last post 2015).
  • 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning, Ownership of Indigenous Knowledge work belong to Individuals and groups. Permission sought from the original source is a requirement, out of courtesy. The 8way framework is a NSW Department of Education initiative.

Featured in blogs

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  • LisaHillSchoolStuff’s Weblog,’If students can’t learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn’ (Ignacio Estrada, via Tomlinson) (this blog is retired).