Teacher Librarian

  • img_2958500 Hats, Barbara Braxton, who shares her knowledge and expertise on being a teacher librarian in the 21st Century.
  • Aussie Reviews, reviews of great Australian books by Sally Murphy.
  • Bright Ideas, a blog by the School Libraries Association of Victoria (SLAV) and the State Library of Victoria (SLV). Its aim is to encourage teacher librarians and educators to actively engage with ICT, to share tools and experiences, to network on a global scale, and to embrace dynamic teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Children’s Books Daily, Megan Daley reviewing books to create lifelong readers.
  • Just So Stories, Sue Warren’s random reviews and ramblings from Redcliffe.
  • The Book Chook, brings tips to parents and teachers about encouraging kids to read, write, create and learn. You’ll find book reviews of wonderful children’s literature, educational software reviews, and explanations of how to use great online resources with your kids. The Book Chook is the blog of Susan Stephenson, an Australian teacher and writer, who is fascinated by technology and what it can do to motivate kids and help them learn.
  • Tinkering Child, Jackie Child is great about chronicling her Makerspace journey.


  • Brave New World, reflection, sharing of ideas and information, and social networking.
  • digitallidotnet, educational-philosophy.
  • Lucacept, how to incorporate new technologies into our practice and discussion about libraries. New!


  • Booked Inn, Heroic adventures in teacher-librarianship.

Updated 7 September 2017