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  • Bianca Hewes, English teacher and Head Teacher of Teaching & Learning who writes about her adventures in our changing education landscape.
  • Darcy Moore, explores learning, leadership, education, schooling, teaching, digital technologies, edutech, books, literature, travel, genealogy, music, photography, English, Big History, citizen science and the impact of social media.
  • Kelli McGraw, digital literacies/pedagogies, inquiry models of learning and teacher identity
  • LisaHillSchoolStuff’s Weblog,’If students can’t learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn’ (Ignacio Estrada, via Tomlinson) (this blog is retired).
  • missshipp, bringing Aboriginal perspectives to the English classroom (last updated 6/2016).
  • Multimodal Me, effective teaching and learning strategies for all modes of English: reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and representing.
  • Read, Write, Respond, Read is to write, write is to respond.
  • Anne’s Angle, reflections and learning.

The Arts

  • A.C.Ed Assistance, adults, children and educational assistance.
  • Drama Teacher’s Network, designed to connect the author Karla with other drama teachers and them to each other so that we can share ideas about various aspects to do with teaching Drama and perhaps not feel quite so alone.


  • A Science Education, my life as a secondary school science teacher.
  • Jeremylecornu, the thoughts and experiences of a teacher, speaker, and assistant principal for innovation, teaching and learning.
  • Mr Van W’s Class, about our Flipped Classroom and the gamification/mastery that we are trying to implement. When I say “we” I’m referring to my teaching buddy John Catterson (@jfcatto).
  • Observe Le@rn Do, Observations on learning as I see it. Blogging on pedagogy, technology and things I find interesting. NEW!
  • The Independent Variable, the integration of ICT into the Science curriculum.
  • TheFlippedScientist, The educational musings of a possibly deluded science teacher from New Zealand.

The Technologies

  • Alice Leung: learning and leading, integration of technology across all subject areas, personal reflections and opinions in my journey as a teacher, learner and leader.
  • Code the Future, we connect developers with educators to help kids in schools learn how to code.
  • Greg Whitby, argues for the need to radically rethink the nature of learning and teaching in a connected world.
  • Grubby Pandas, ICT, coding, STEM and Digital Citizenship.
  • High Possibility Classrooms, Technology Integration for 21st Century Learning.
  • innovative pedagogy, Dean Pearman thoughts on learning, technology & education. NEW!
  • Jeremylecornu, the thoughts and experiences of a teacher, speaker, and assistant principal for innovation, teaching and learning.
  • Joel Speranza, a Queensland digital champion for his work educating teachers in digital technology.
  • Lucacept – intercepting the Web, I’m fascinated by the opportunities and impact our connected world can have within educational settings and on the future of work. I launched myself headfirst into this world in 2008 and have found the experience to be transformative. It’s my aim to share what I discover with you through this blog.
  • Observe Le@rn Do, Observations on learning as I see it. Blogging on pedagogy, technology and things I find interesting. NEW!
  • Playable: the weblog of Dean Groom, investigating how families negotiate video games and game cultures and what this tells us about successful gaming and parenting of children in society.
  • Simon Harper’s Blog, exploring Technology integration for improved teaching and learning with a culinary flavour.
  • Surfing the Googleverse, One Teacher’s experience with ICT and the Digital Technologies Curriculum.
  • The connected teacher, technology, Web 2.0 tools, educational policy, connectedness, the future of classrooms, History … and indeed any “big” issue in schooling.
  • Transformative Learning, A life spent asking questions and finding problems.
  • Travelling the road of ICT teaching and eLearning, working towards understanding how the 21st Century and learning can occur in the same space.


Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Authentic Backwards Pedagogy, the standards-referenced educational ramblings of a New Scheme Teacher.
  • Classroom Canberra, Using the Canberra region as your classroom for authentic learning.
  • Stumbling through the past, a place where the general public who is interested in history can mingle with professional historians.
  • The Possibility Post, digital literacy to build the skills necessary for respectful and empathetic global digital citizenship, collaboration and leadership.

Health and Physical Education

  • Commandokiddz, physical education.
  • Corey Aylen, I believe Physical Education is a very important part of the school curriculum. I immerse all students in a wide range of experiences enabling them to learn actively and independently.
  • Jonesy the Teacher’s N+1, Authentic Assessment in PE; Powerful pedagogies for PE; Technology in PE; Web Tools.



  • Andrea Stringer, Professional Learning Coach who personalises learning to empower educators.
  • Dale Pearce, I’m concerned that education policy for the last two decades has redefined education as a personal rather than a public good, creating a segregated education system that fails not just kids but our communities.
  • , equity in education and engaging our hardest-to-reach kids and communities.
  • It’s all about learning, DoE Principal/Fairfield PPA President.
  • Pushing the Edge, change and innovation especially where it advances social justice in education.
  • the édu flâneuse, this blog narrates my thinking around education, teacher growth, coaching, professional learning, writing, and research.
  • Learning and Leading, a place for me to simply reflect, share, debate, and collaborate in and around my happenings as an educational leader, with a passion to continually do better for others, so they too can continually do better for others.

Updated 7 September 2017