20170104_153309Australian Education Blogs is curated by Raegina Taylor. I have worked for over 10 years as a secondary English, Japanese and Drama teacher in Australia and Japan, and generalist secondary educator in remote schools. I have lectured at university and hold a certificate IV in training and assessment. I write two blogs: Australian Education Blogs which is a curation site and a comment on my understanding of education practice and policy; and, Become Mum which is a blog about parenting.

Australian Education Blogs was born out of experience that Australian bloggers are well connected through Twitter, however the longevity of blogs are often short lived. Blogs were often being written in silos. There were some long standing blogs which have thrived through the years, however this is not a common experience. I started 2 blogs whilst teaching and both fizzled out after the usual 3 month ‘honeymoon period’.

The goal of Australian Education Blogs is to connect educators and encourage bloggers, vloggers and the like, to continue their online reflective practice. In this way, the site is a meeting place for teachers who write, and a source of relevant and cutting edge knowledge for the subscribers. I encourage commercial enterprise on the site, to recognise the need for quality providers and open opportunity for bloggers to also grow their audience.

The goals for this site include:

  1. post monthly features from Australian bloggers to encourage regular blogging
  2. keep the index of Australian blogs up to date index for our subscribers
  3. facilitate regular linky parties to focus writers and provide international recognition
  4. engage with commercial opportunities to promote relevant enterprise, recognising that many bloggers are also businesses or use business in their work

Updated 9 February 2018